Jericho Sailing Centre Association Race Results 2014

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   Regatta and Tuesday and Sunday results

   Series results (cumulative, for those who have registered)


   To be scored for a Sunday or Tuedsay series, you must register. There are three ways to register online:.

   1. If you always sail in the same boat, you can register for the whole season
       (if someone replaces you in an event, you can remove your registration and add theirs for that event).

   2. You can select the results for an event, then add or remove competitors for the boat you sailed in that event

   3. You can select a boat that has sailed in one or more events,then add or remove competitors for that boat in any event


To register or edit a registration, a simple login is required::
      User name: register
      Password: enter the current windline phone number, exactly as shown on you membership card

You cannot edit registrations for Regattas where pre-registration was required (e.g. the Jericho Classic regatta)


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